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………..the best choral conductor with whom I have had the pleasure of working in over 6 decades!”

I leave on Wednesday nights feeling good, having worked hard and laughed a lot!”

Peter is unanimously admired by all members of the choir and has gained our respect by his ability to bring out the best in our voices through his talent, expert knowledge, humour and good nature and well-structured, systematic tackling of new pieces. Choir practices are always enjoyable learning experiences.”

(Chipping Norton Choral Society member comments 2015)

Thank you for visiting. I am now working as a freelance conductor, teacher and choir trainer, building an independent career after leaving Berkshire Maestros in August, where I was Deputy Head. This autumn is a busy one – dominated by a tour to Canada to promote the Voiceworks Series with Oxford University Press. (www.oup.com/uk/music/educ).

“A very good arranger – songs are attractive and accessible….Lots of different techniques here for introducing part singing without compromising on vocal quality and confidence of children.” (Conference delegate)

I regularly lead workshops and training at conferences and for music and education organisations, and conduct singers of all ages. See my 2015 calendar for details.

“Some very useful tips and strategies for encouraging greater participation of boys, but useful for all teaching.”

Can I help you? As a very experienced choral singer and trainer I can advise on rehearsal and conducting technique, repertoire for all ages and stages of singer. Please contact me.

“Fantastic useable ideas to take away; he made it seem so easy. I can’t wait to try it!”

 ”I have never sung with such an inspirational teacher before and learn something
new each term – wonderful stuff this singing! ”