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Voiceworks Series

Peter Hunt is the inspiration behind OUP’s highly successful Voiceworks series, author of four of its titles, and series editor. The wealth of eclectic material in the Voiceworks series, and the useful teaching notes have made the series a significant contributor to the revival of singing in recent years and the development of confident singing leaders across the UK.

There are twelve books in the Voiceworks series, covering early years to adult choirs, one of which won the Music Industries Association Best Classical Publication Award in 2004.

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“Voiceworks is exemplary in its clarity, scope and variety”

Howard Goodall, Ambassador for Singing; composer

“Absolutely brilliant”

Gareth Malone, BBC’s ‘The Choir’; Military Wives Choir



OUP has a winning formula with its Voiceworks series. Each volume is a valuable resource full of attractive songs in a wide variety of styles designed to capture the imagination of young singers. And, if my recent experience of adjudicating school and community choirs at local festivals is anything to go by, children really enjoy performing Voiceworks items . . . A hallmark of the Voiceworks series is that every book is a complete teaching resource with photocopiable pages, excellent teaching notes full of practical help and ideas for learning and performing each item, as well as much sound technical advice on how to encourage children to sing well and enjoy themselves. Christopher Field, Music Teacher, July 2007


OUP has done it again! Yet another excellent publication, this time for the choir trainer and conductor, together with a useful CD of many of the sixty songs to be found in the book. In keeping with OUP’s usual high standard of publication, this book is well presented and well bound, this time in a ring wire binder… The author and compiler of the songs in this extensive album is Peter Hunt, a well-known and highly respected figure in the world of children’s choral music. As well as being an author, Mr Hunt is clearly an innovator of considerable talent, whose words of wisdom are well worth reading. With OUP as his publisher, and the album bearing the imprimatur of the British Federation of Young Choirs, the pedigree of this book would be difficult to challenge. Henry Howell, Australian Music Teacher March 2003


Just perfect for community choirs – perhaps some more four part options, but that is only a very minor comment. We need more books like this that get away from the arrangements of the same boring old spirituals and the like – excellent. Grenville Jones – choir leader – Bath UK, on Folk Voiceworks


This book was a pleasure to review, given that its pages contain more ‘goodies’ than a plum pudding contains raisins, and in its own way, is every bit as palatable . . . The all-important content is wide, comprehensive and varied, with something for every choir trainer and chorister, and drawn from all over the world… I believe that this book, written with care, scholarship of a high order, and expertise, will be a very useful tool for every choir trainer, and should virtually guarantee success if used logically. What is more, it is FUN, and this, more than anything else, is what youngsters need from any form of musical training. Highly recommended. Henry Howell, Australian Music Teacher March 2003


The whole of the voiceworks series is brilliant! Especially if you are stuck for ideas with what to do, they book gives helpful tips and ideas to get you going! Jess – Online review


The publication of this impressive volume with its accompanying CDs is vindication for the many teachers and educationists who, beginning with a vocally creative counter-culture in the 1980s, have contributed to one of the more positive ideological and pedagogical U-turns in curriculum design and cultural provision to have occurred in our field . . . Above all this book recognises its brief as developing the whole musical personality and experience of participants: it could form as effective a basis for developing composition as it does for the singers for whom it is intended. Some of the material, indeed, is written by schoolchildren themselves. Nicholas Bannan, British Journal of Music Education 2002


I advise anyone who has a junior (KS2/3) choir, to get this book… or any of the other ones in the series! Jess – Online review

At every stage, material is provided so that pupils can go away from the lesson with ideas for their own musical invention, in addition to attractive songs committed to memory. The accent is always on discovery and understanding, never on note-bashing… Voiceworks fulfils many needs, provides well for the top years of primary education and on through secondary to GCSE. I am excited by the prospect of hearing singing based on its approach in schools in which the voice has been neglected in favour of IT and group percussion. I anticipate this resource, properly used, making a difference to the aural and creative capacities of students in a manner which could positively affect the musical confidence of young people in years to come. Nicholas Bannan, British Journal of Music Education 2002


For those of you with mixed ability community choirs this book is the best investment you can make and more of these books please Voiceworks team. If there were a 6 star category you would get it! Grenville Jones – choir leader Bath, on Popular Voiceworks


This book, full of songs chosen from a vast range of repertoire and styles, is an exciting new resource for promoting good singing in schools and choirs… Delegates were delighted to be working with Peter again, and also with this addition to the singing repertoire, which is packed with songs and ideas, filling a gap which has long been experienced by key stage 3 teachers. Schools’ Music Association Bulletin Jan 2002


….It can sometimes be daunting for teachers to know how to maintain the momentum, day after day, which was created in an inspirational session by an animateur. Choosing appropriate repertoire is crucial and this book provides a huge bank of materials… This is an excellent resource for anyone involved with young people’s singing. The pieces are presented in a way which makes them flexible enough to suit a new group or provide challenging and enjoyable material for the more experienced choir. Sandy Chenery, The Singer February 2002


After much discussion, many meetings and a close collaboration with Oxford University Press we asked one of our animateurs – Peter Hunt – if he would be prepared to be the editor of the new work. The result – a stunning new publication Voiceworks – published by OUP. Voiceworks isn’t just a collection of songs to sing in the classroom, it’s a complete singing handbook that works on just about every level you can imagine… This collection is a must for the inexperienced teacher of singing who may be lacking in confidence and for the experienced teacher who may be looking for songs that will appeal to young adolescents. I have used many of the excellent ideas in this book with my own young choirs and they have really enjoyed them. I taught music in schools for 32 years and I wish that this book had been around when I started out. I think that Voiceworks has the potential to be the most significant contribution to improving the teaching of singing in Key Stage 3 (11-14 years) that we have seen in the last 30 years. Christopher Simmons, President of Europa Cantat


This and the other Voiceworks books are almost like a bible for choirs of all ages. If you’ve got a junior choir BUY IT!! Anonymous Online review


Brilliant! At last. Thanks be. Choir leaders charged with motivating young singers will echo these sentiments when they see Voiceworks, a superb resource for leaders of choral groups at all levels. Peter Hunt has poured his years of experience as a choir trainer in the secondary classroom and as an animateur in the primary classroom and conductor into this book, collecting songs that will delight, educate and entertain. It is excellent stuff containing a wide range of music, and an introduction that includes well described relevant topics which will inform not only a newcomer but will also add to the knowledge of more experienced practitioners. All this is a good prelude to the undoubted triumph of the publication – the material itself… It contains 60 songs from unison to four-part harmony, ideal in style and subject for our young charges . This is an exciting publication, which will be welcomed by those working in schools and community groups alike. It contains good material that will be appealing across a wide range of young people, well presented, with useful notes and rehearsal tips and with photocopiable pages to hand out if required. Manna from heaven I say. Buy it now and start planning what you will do with it in the future. Christopher Bell, Music teacher magazine, 2001