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In October and November 2015 Peter will be presenting workshops at three conferences in Canada (see Calendar 2015 page). He will also be conducting some repertoire reading sessions for the publisher and take some open rehearsals in schools between times. The content of the conference sessions is as follows:


“Careful the things you say, children will listen.

Careful the things you do, children will see, and learn “

(Into the woods – Sondheim)

Singing, rhymes and games to engage and develop young children’s

musicality and imagination from ages 3 to 7

           Session suitable for: Teachers working in Kindergarten, Elementary and lower primary; music therapy; music clubs

Research shows that learning to listen, process, think, express, share, and control motor skills are fundamental to the development of children and young people, and can have a significant impact on their life chances.  Active music-making through singing and playing simple instruments can facilitate and encourage learning, and this session will explore good material, ideas, and ways of teaching to engage the young learner. Peter Hunt will use his recent experience of working with the Early Years team in Berkshire, UK in the ‘PANTOMIMUS PROJECT’ which is transforming the way Kindergarten teachers think about their classroom activities and how their children learn and achieve success. It will be active and great fun!


What makes good repertoire?

How do you structure the teaching and learning of new pieces most effectively?

Session suitable for: School teachers and conductors of children’s and youth choirs

Delegates will have an opportunity to sing through and explore a range of material from the Oxford University Press catalogue and elsewhere which exemplifies successful repertoire. Through brief analysis and discussion consideration will be given to effective rehearsal structure and planning related to the pieces.

Targeted age ranges will be 9-12 years – unchanged voices and part-singing; 13-18 years – mixed voice repertoire that engages boys and changing voices. Covering different styles, sacred and secular, this session will stimulate ideas for imaginative programme planning. It will be lively and interactive, and delegates will be able to take their music away with them. Peter Hunt will draw on his teaching career in High Schools and more recent work with young children and youth choirs.


How do you freshen up your repertoire?

What is your choir’s preferred learning style?

          Session suitable for: Conductors and leaders of adult choral societies  and community groups and their singers

 This session will give delegates an opportunity to reflect on aspects of the way they work with, or in, their adult choirs and consider some different approaches. Topics will include: Exploring a range of repertoire to suit all singers from the terrified to the totally confident; rehearsal style – taking everyone with you, empowering everyone to sing well, whatever your type of choir; varied programme-building that encourages a range of vocal styles. Everyone will sing, think and have fun. Music will be drawn from a variety of sources including Community Voiceworks recently published by Oxford University Press. Peter Hunt will draw on over thirty years of experience conducting choral societies and adult ‘Singing Days’.



“Voiceworks is exemplary in its clarity, scope and variety”

(Howard Goodall, composer & Singing Ambassador)

            Session suitable for: Teachers, vocal leaders and conductors              with any age group

 The Voiceworks series of handbooks for singing are proving to be an inspiration to teachers and leaders of all kinds of choirs and singing groups in the UK. Each of the twelve volumes contains an eclectic mix of songs – arrangements and original compositions – with comprehensive and detailed teaching and learning notes designed to support leaders and develop good practice. Voiceworks is an essential part of any music teacher’s toolkit. The repertoire and flexible approach is suitable for any age of singer from Kindergarten to pensioner and provides material suitable for performing as part of a concert programme or just sharing for fun. This session will explore pieces from across the series, and Peter Hunt’s practical teaching approach will motivate seasoned conductors and give confidence to the less experienced.